The Ping Zero Tournament Code of Conduct provides the basic framework for rules within which all tournaments will abide.
Additional rules may apply for your specific game and as such can be found within that games tournament rules section.


The admin team will comprise of a Head Admin for each tournament who may or may not have Assistant Admins.

The Tournament Director is responsible for all of the Admins and their tournaments.
Head Admins have complete control over their tournament, the Head Admin’s decision is final in all situations.

When dealing with an Admin we ask that you be courteous, respectful and co-operative.
Ignoring instructions given by an Admin is grounds for disqualification from the competition and abusing, intimidating or otherwise acting inappropriately towards any member of staff will result in ejection from the event, without refund.

Players should contact the appropriate Admin for the tournament they have a query or issue about, either prior or at the event. The Head Admins contact details for each tournament can be found on the appropriate tournament rules page.


If you are unsatisfied with the Head Admin’s response you may elevate your problem to the Tournament Director, Conrad Ware.


Teams must have all their players signed up to the tournament by the specified time in order to guarantee their place within each tournament, unless the signup date is different as specified for online tournaments. This is to enable more accurate seeding of teams in all competitions.

Teams failing to have all their players signed up by the required time will not be guaranteed a place in the tournament.

Each team must have the minimum number of players signed up to a tournament before they will be classed as a team. The minimum number of sign-ups will be indicated within the rules of each tournament.

Players may only play for one team throughout the entire tournament.

If any player has issues registering in time for a tournament they should raise a support ticket and keep safe the ticket number for future tracking purposes. Tickets must be raised before the sign-up deadline.

Team Name Convention – When in the server prior to match start, all team players must be tagged up with the same clan tag that they signed up with. This is to help with disputes and tracking with the server logs.


Some of our tournaments are sponsored by a third party. This is denoted by the name of the tournament on the tournament list page, and often prizes on the prize list.

Also, should a sponsor supply prizes, all teams and players must agree to have a photograph taken with the sponsor’s prizes during the award ceremony. Refusal to accept photographs with sponsor prizes may end up with the affected team being disqualified, and prizes revoked.


A meeting between the team leaders and the Ping Zero Admins will take place prior to each tournament starting, the schedule for each meeting will be posted to the prior to the event.

The start of the tournament may vary from competition to competition, but you should expect the tournament to run any time during the event. Players should be prepared to stay for the duration of the entire event.

The end of the tournament may vary from competition to competition. Players should be prepared to stay until the end of the prize ceremony in order to register for their prizes.

All prize winners must attend the relevant presentation ceremony as directed by Ping Zero, failure to do so will result in your prize being forfeit. If a player is missing, then their share of the prize money will be deducted from the team’s total. If more than half the team are missing for the prize ceremony then all prize money will be forfeited. Only a Tournament Director may exempt you from the prize ceremony.


Players need to be at their consoles or PCs and on their server 5 minutes prior to their scheduled match start time. The game will start when both sides are ready and the Admin has verified that the conditions for play are correct. The Admin / controlling system will then start the game.

Players have 15 minutes of grace from the scheduled start time of the match to be present on their server. If a team has more than 60% of their players ready at this time then they may start the match with these players as opposed to a forfeit. An outline of the minimum players required is:

  • For 8 v 8 at least 5 players per side are needed to start.
  • For 5 v 5 at least 4 players per side are needed to start.
  • For 4 v 4 at least 3 players per side are needed to start.
  • For 3 v 3 at least 2 players per side are needed to start.
  • For 2 v 2 at least 1 player for each side is needed to start.

Once the match has started, players are not allowed to join unless they are a registered substitute for that team.


If a player was present at the start of the match then gets disconnected during the game for whatever technical reasons, they may rejoin the game, if possible.

If the game does not allow re-joining the admin will make a decision of whether to restart the game, continue with fewer players or award a win to one side. This depends on circumstances but in many cases it will be a restart of the match either in part or in full.

If a player drops for longer than 3 minutes and a listed substitute cannot be found then the match will continue as long as the minimum number of players remain on each team.


In-game substitutions will be permitted in the event of a player dropping from the server, provided the substitute player is on the team’s pre-signed up player list.


No mercenary substitutions or changes to the players assigned to the team will be permitted under any circumstances.

Spot checks will be carried out by Admins. Any unauthorised use of a mercenary player will result in the match being forfeit by the offending team and potential disqualification at the Tournament Director’s discretion.


Please refer to the individual tournament rules for procedures regarding server crashes.


A match is deemed over once all the rounds have been played or a time limit is hit, clans leaving before this time will forfeit any remaining rounds. This varies from tournament to tournament and your Admins will explain how each tournament is going to work in the meeting prior to the tournament starting.

Teams must declare and confirm results via the intranet system immediately upon completion of the match. If you are experiencing difficulty in doing this then you must report the scores to the tournament Admins immediately in person.


If two competing teams are within close proximity to each other (within 1 row) and either team has a clear view of the opposing teams monitors, it must be reported to the tournament Head Admin before the match begins.

An Admin will explain the rules to both teams. Generally this requires the team that has visibility of the opposing teams monitors to not look up from their screens for the duration of the match. Ping Zero staff and spectators will be used to block the view between teams where permissible.

Should a player be seen to look up from their screen towards the opposition during the match, they will be issued with a warning. This warning is for the whole team. If there is a second incident then the team will be disqualified.


Each tournament will have its own specific set of rules that must be adhered to; any breach of these is considered cheating. See each tournament’s specific rules for this.

In the broader sense any third party modification, add-on, “hack” or manipulation of the games code is classed as cheating.

Any attempts at unfair play, including help from anyone outside of the submitted team, looking at the screen of another player, deliberate attempts at hindering their play or any other unsportsmanlike conduct will be considered cheating. We expect all players to play within “the spirit of the game.”


If a player is caught cheating both the player and his/her team are immediately disqualified from the tournament.

Depending on the severity one or more of the team may also be ejected from the event, without refund, and possibly prevented from attending future events.

This is at the discretion of event management.


If you genuinely suspect another team has cheated then you should alert an Admin at the earliest possible time. If this is after the match then proof of cheating will be needed – either as demo files or screenshots.

Consistent complaints of cheating where no cheating is occurring will be looked upon dimly by the Admins and may be detrimental to future claims of cheating.


While we do understand that many players are passionate about playing each game, and there may be some small outbursts while in a tense match, we do have limits to the amount and type of shouting that can occur. Unacceptably loud swearing will be subject to the player in question receiving a warning. Continuation will earn a second and final warning. A third warning will not be issued and the offending player will be removed from the match in progress.

If they return and play in any further matches they will no longer receive warnings for continued abuse of this rule, and will be disqualified from the current tournament.


If any rules are broken one or more of the following penalties will take place:

  • Verbal Warning
  • In-game or pre-game penalties
  • Game Forfeiture
  • Match Forfeiture
  • Disqualification from the tournament
  • Removal from a live event & potential future event ban.

These penalties may not take place in the specific order above as different violations will invoke different punishments. For example: Being 30 minutes late may only warrant a game forfeiture, where as using hacks/software to cheat in matches (“aim bot” “Radar bot” etc) will mean you will be disqualified from the tournament and removed from the venue & banned from our events.


Eligibility for prizes is solely at the discretion of Ping Zero. We reserve the right to refuse, change or remove prizes from anyone or the whole tournament at any time and without notice. All tournament prize pools are subject to an absolute minimum of 4 teams attending, with Ping Zero reserving the right to require even more teams for specific tournaments.


To receive your prize you must be present at the respective event / prize giving ceremony, or have supplied the required information. Ping Zero reserve the right to refuse prizes to those who don’t attend the ceremony or follow the instructions.

In the case of teams winning a prize, only one member of the team will receive payment from Ping Zero, and will be responsible for distributing the prize money as required. Players should sign the prize form stating their acceptance. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure they have signed the prize form prior to leaving the event. A refusal to sign the form, or leaving the event without first signing the form, can result in prize money being refused at the discretion of Ping Zero.

Ping Zero aim to make prize money payments within 1 week of the event finishing (however this is dependant on third-party sponsors). The players are responsible for supplying correct payment details so we are able to supply prize payments. We will make reasonable attempts to contact winners (via email) if they failed to supply payment details at the event or shortly after. After 6 months these prizes will be forfeit if no contact has been made with Ping Zero.

Most prize payments will be by direct bank transfer. Any fees charged by Banks will come out of the final prize amount.


In some competitions part of the prize is free attendance of the next Ping Zero event to defend your title. This applies only to games for which there will be a future competition. Winners of competitions must reach an agreement over who the tickets go to – the team or the individuals. If the tickets go to the team, the team may allocate the tickets for the next event as they see fit. A nominated trustee of the team will be in charge of this allocation. These details must be confirmed and finalised at the time of prize giving, and tickets must have been claimed and allocated within one month of the event finishing.

Should a team win tickets, they must use at least 2 of the players from the team that won the prize. Ping Zero reserve the right to allocate or not allocate free places as they see fit.


Tournaments are considered an added extra to the events, Ping Zero reserves the right to alter, cancel and change tournaments where appropriate. Opening sign-ups to a tournament does not guarantee that it will take place. Factors which may affect a tournament going ahead include whilst not being limited to:

  • Lack of interest from players
  • Server hardware issues
  • Network problems
  • Master Server problems

Ping Zero has a zero-tolerance policy in regards to drugs. Anyone found to be in possession of, or taking, illegal drugs will be removed from the event immediately.