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Standard 2 hour Party

Whats included

Peace of mind live tracking of our luxury gaming trailer to your home or appointed address

2 hours of game play using the latest consoles.
State of the art visuals and sound from our wall of 55 inch big screens.
Tons of game choices available, including the latest released titles.
Exclusive party invitations.
Our certified Game Coach is an on-site tech that assists with playing the games and encourages fun
and balanced play for guests.
Kids can also get a 10 minute break halfway through, this is where we can change games if the
guests have requested, most parties use this time to cut the cake during the break.

The trailer itself is approx 2.4m wide x 8m long, which fit down most driveways. Driveway has to be, at least 2.6m wide and reasonably flat so the trailer can be parked level. 
If you driveway isn’t wide enough we can parked out on the road in front of your property.  We do ask that all trees are trimmed down driveway

We also require a standard 230V outlet to power all the trailer (Standard NZ Plug).
Ping Zero Events use it’s own RCD device and outdoor extension cord to connect to your power.

Ping Zero has it’s own internet system. This utilises cellular technology, if 3G/4G coverage is patchy in your area we may be required to leverage off your home internet connection.
If this is the case Ping Zero would run an internet cable from your property to the trailer to ensure we provide the best experience for the online session.

There really is no age limit for gamers!
Ping Zero provide guidance and information about which games are suitable for there age group.

Ping Zero recommends a maximum of 10 gamers , however we have done events with more than 10 gamers.  There is a surcharge of $35 per extra guest, please confirm with us before booking if you have more than 10 gamers.

Standard 2 hour party is available everyday after school , and three time slots on Saturday and Sunday
Weekdays : 4.00pm – 6.00pm, 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Weekends: 10.00am – 12.00pm, 2.00pm – 4.00pm, 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Currently we travel anywhere within the Auckland Region.  Anywhere within 20 kms of the Auckland CBD are included in the hireage of the trailer.
We charge $1 per kilometre extra.  If you live 45 kms from Auckland CBD, you would be charged  for 25km x 2 which equates to an $50 extra for the event

You can pay in installments up to the time of the event, or pay the full amount now.  $375 for 2 hour party.
$225 secures the date and time, payable now. 
$150 a month before the Event / Party Date.

Ping Zero logo

Over the years we have met some amazing people through gaming and the events we have run. We are fortunate now to have employed a diverse bunch of people who all share the same passion we have for gaming and the work that we do. 

In 2022, Ping Zero will continue to innovate within this competitive space, thanks to all the Ping Zero team! 

Mauri mahi, mauri ora
“Do the mahi, get the treats” (through work, we prosper)